• Largest 1st place prize of any tournament in the world *

  • 1 tournament, 1 day at Golf Club Hardenberg e.V.

  • Over €80K prize money (Total Purse)

  • Lasers and cell phones allowed

  • €30.000,00 to the winner

  • LIVE Scoring on every hole

  • Open to any gender


*without qualifying



About the Tour

We are excited to present to you Golf Tour Germany.


A new golf tournament in the heart of Germany for all genders.


Golf Tour Germany is a new addition to the other established professional golf tours.


It will be a one-day tournament on Monday,  June 7, 2021. €30.000,00 will be awarded to the winner. There will be over €80K in total prize money.


Golf Tour Germany is played at the Golfresort Hardenberg (Niedersachsen Course), one of the most beautiful courses in Germany.



Golf Tour Germany is played exclusively at the Golfresort Hardenberg (Niedersachsen Course), one of the most beautiful courses in Germany.

18 holes, par 72, 80 hectares

Length: 6,461 metres


In November 2001, the internationally renowned Canadian architect David John Krause broke ground for another 18-hole course at Hardenberg Golfresort. Since June 6, 2003, the first nine holes of the new championship course have been able to be played to international standards - a fascinating golfing experience and a challenge for beginners and professionals alike. The second and thus last nine holes of the Niedersachsen Course were ceremonially opened at the beginning of June 2004. Highlights of the Niedersachsen Course is a par 3 island green in the shape of a boar's head, emblem of the Earl of Hardenberg. Many natural obstacles make the course both beautiful, but challenging at the same time. A dry biotope, a canyon, which is otherwise only seen in Arizona, orchard meadows, & old trees are only a few of the landscapes that await the player. The lush green of the lawn retains its dark green color thanks to a special lawn seed, which is currently used by only six golf clubs in Germany. The courses are designed very creatively and offer an attractive dramaturgy.























-  30,000.00 €

-  10,000.00 €

-    5,000.00 €

-    3,000.00 €

-    2,500.00 €

-    2,000.00 €

-    1,500.00 €

-    1,000.00 €

-       750.00 €

-       500.00 €



Calendar 2021




  1. No driving range use on the day of the tournament.

  2. If the scores are the same, the Score Card Playoff will decide the placements.

  3. Mobile phones may be used for rules questions.

  4. Tournament cancellation: If the tournament must be cancelled, then it will be played on the following Monday (June 14).


Tee Times

The first players to register can freely choose their desired tee time for the tournament. We will give this privilege in the order of recieved entry fee. The later you register, the smaller the chance that your preferred tee time is still available. For the players that were too late to register, and their preferred tee time is no longer available, we will give a time at random. 

The following time periods are available:


06:00 - 07:59

08:00 - 09:59

10:00 - 11:59

12:00 - 13:59

14:00 - 16:00


Example: I would like to have a tee time from 08:00 - 09:59


The exact tee time for all players will be announced on May 31, 2021


Two Tee Times, One Tournament

If you would like to play in the morning and in the afternoon, both rounds will be ranked and paid out. This means that you could possibly place 1st & 2nd and receive 2 paychecks.


The tournament is held in one of the most beautiful golf resorts in Germany: Golfresort GC Hardenberg e.V. The following hotels are available the night before the tournament in the vicinity at the following prices: ​ FREIgeist Northeim (€135,00) Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg BurgHotel (125,00)


Golf Tour Germany 2021

We, the Golf Tour Germany, have informed over 7,500 golf pros around the world about our tour, knowing that we can only provide 200 players the opportunity to participate. We grant the right to participate according to the principle "first come, first serve".

First Come, First Serve


Caddie Auction

Players (who have already played or will play their round) as well as anyone else who feels qualified can offer to caddy.

Caddies indicate the amount they would caddy for a round, and players indicate the amount they would pay or take from someone to caddy for a pro.


Pro/Am Group

Each group will be judged separately (Best Ball), so there will be one amateur winner. The amateur could therefore contribute positively to the overall score if he achieves a better result on one or more holes than the 3 Pro's in his group. Even if he does not succeed, he has the chance to win if he is in the best group of the day.


Tournament Entry

  1. Any person (m/f/d) who has paid the entry fee can participate.

  2. The entry fee for the tournament is 675.00€

  3. Amateurs are welcome to submit their entry fee as well.

  4. If you cancel your registration before May 1, 2021, you will receive a 100% refund of your entry fee.


Q & A

How much time do I still have to register for the tournament?

Since we guarantee a 100% refund, there is no reason not to secure your spot as quickly as possible. If you cancel your registration before May 1, 2021, you will receive a 100% refund of your entry fee.

When will it be made known how many players have registered so far?

We will not make premature announcements. The players who take their time to register will not get a spot.

Which golf club have you chosen for your tournamenT?

After evaluating all the relevant criteria among the applicants, we decided on the Hardenberg Golf Resort. It is not only one of the most beautiful golf courses but also offers ideal conditions for the Golf Tour Germany with its central location in the middle of Germany and the great infrastructure. It was not only the excellent course, but also the professional cooperation of the board of directors and especially the president Oliver Bartels that tipped the scales for us. In addition, the Hardenberg GC has experience in hosting large tournaments, e.g. the EPD Tour (now ProGolf Tour), as well as German Championships for men and women.

When did you inform the golf world about the start of the Golf Tour Germany?

On April 24, 2020, we wrote to a total of 7,500 professional golfers in order to provide all players with the same information at the same time. For the reason that the first registered player were able to choose their own tee time windows, it was important to give all players the same chance to register quickly.

Who is eligible to play?

Everybody (m/f/d) is eligible to play, i.e. pro golfers, amateurs on their way to becoming professional, amateurs, young and old, and everybody who has always wanted to play in a thrilling golf tournament. All players (m/f/d) play from the same tees.

Prerequisite is the transferred entry fee.

What do you think about the other golf tours?

We see ourselves as a complement to the other tours. The Golf Tour Germany has very consciously chosen Monday as its day of operation; as Monday is traditionally not a game day for professionals. The pro's have the opportunity to play 1 more tournament this season, practice high-intensity tournament situations and to compete with other very good players.

Why is hitting balls on the range on tournament day prohibited?

  • The whole facility would be used too much.

  • With so many players it is not possible to control time slots on the range.

  • Warm-up programs are also available without the ball.

  • On the first tee, mental pressure is reduced by not having to ask yourself: "Have I hit enough balls?"

What options do I have if I cannot participate in the tournament?

If you cancel your registration before May 1, 2021, you will receive a 100% refund of your entry fee. As a second option, you can offer your individual Tee Time for sale up to 60 minutes before your start time on our webpage. Since we expect a waiting list, the odds are good that someone will purchase your tee time.

Can I get a cash prize as an amateur?

Yes, with our tournament it is possible that also amateurs can receive cash prizes. There are plenty of examples of amateurs who would have won big prize money in big tournaments, but did not get it because they could not claim it as an amateur. In our tournament series, the amateur player could accept the prize money and then play as a pro in future tournaments. Good start. We would like to point out, however, that by accepting the prize money, the amateur status may not be recognized in future tournaments by other organizations.

Normally, an amateur has to decide prior to an event whether he or she will be classified as an amateur or pro. In our event, you can enter the event as an amateur, but if you do really well and win a lot of money, you can declare yourself pro and collect the cash.

Can female pro players also play the tournament?

Yes, the same rules and conditions apply to all participants. As our prize money is very lucrative, we expect many female pro golfers to participate.

Is there an award ceremony after the tournament?

No. We do not want to take up the players' time for an award ceremony. In the worst case, the players would have to stay at the course until 10:00 p.m. after their round ends at 10:00 a.m. to attend an awards ceremony.

Why are lasers allowed be used for distance measurements?

With the permitted distance measurement by lasers, the round times are reduced considerably.

How does LIVE scoring


As in other tournaments, a predetermined player will have to confirm your score. This happens before the next tee-off. Both players enter the score independently. The entries have to match. Otherwise, the entry will not be accepted.

Is the use of cell phones allowed during the round?

Yes, cell phones can be used for the LIVE score, as well as for rules questions. This allows every player to see where m/w/d is and to adjust the rest of their round accordingly.

Can I withdraw my


Yes, if you cancel your registration before May 1, 2021, you will receive a 100% refund of your entry fee.

Will there be world ranking points awarded, so that I can qualify for other tours?

Not currently. We will, however, meet with those responsible for other tours in order to achieve this.

Why do we play on a


We see ourselves as an addition to your tournament calendar. Monday is not traditionally a day when tournaments take place. So instead of practicing alone, you could earn €30,000.00 in a one-day tournament.

Can I play the same tournament twice in one day?

Yes, you could finish your round at 10:30am for example, but you are not satisfied with your result. To make matters worse, you made 4 birdies on your last 4 holes you played. If you would like, you could buy another starting place (provided by other players via our webpage) and start again for example at 15:30. The rounds would be scored separately.

What is the difference between a Pro-Am tournament and the Golf Tour Germany for me as an amateur?

  • Everyone who has ever participated in a Pro-Am tournament will confirm that the pros use the round as a practice round in most cases. Furthermore, you play together with 3 other amateurs.

  • In our tournament you play together with 3 pros who all want to win this tournament. So no test shots etc...It's high tension and therefore an unforgettable experience.

How should I act as a pro after the tournament?

  • You should take the opportunity to talk to your fans at lunch or dinner. They will probably be happy to cover the cost of your meal and you will have the chance to win new fans for the next tournament. So it's best to stay on site for about 90 minutes more.

  • After your round in other tournaments, you would usually go to the range to this is not possible at these tournaments, you will be able to devote that time to your fans & potential sponsors.

How and when can I choose my tee time?

The first participants are free to choose their tee time (e.g. 12-14 h) for the tournament. This will depend on the time of receipt of payment of the entry fee. The exact tee time (e.g. 12:48 p.m.) will then be announced on TBA.

Why is it an advantage to choose my own Tee Time?

Every player will have kept his own statistics over the years and will be able to see at which time the best performance was achieved. Here are just a few factors to consider: Biorhythm, it is probably colder in the morning than in the afternoon, in the morning the course and especially the greens have not been played very much. In the afternoon, on the other hand, the fairways are drier, so the ball rolls out longer, mealtimes (playing after breakfast or after lunch). With a tee time in the afternoon, I could probably arrive directly and save a hotel overnight, on the way I could stop at another golf club. In the afternoon I already have the info, what score I need to shoot to win, because already ⅔ of the players have finished their rounds.

Why are the Tee Times announced weeks before the tournament starts?

  • This gives all players the opportunity to plan their tournament schedules well in advance, not only for the day but even for the minute.

  • Spectators and fans can plan to attend the tournament early to see and support specific players.

What possibilities does the Golf Tour Germany offer for players to aquire a sponsor?

  • We have a number of sponsors who are willing to sponsor one or more players, i.e. to pay the entry fee for the tournament as well as other costs. 

  • You can email your resume to us and we will then match you with the right sponsor for you.

  • We can help you with our know-how in the process of finding sponsors.

When would I receive my prize money?

The prize money will be transferred to your account 2 days after the tournament.

When would I know which position I placed in, and how much I won?

Since you can follow the LIVE scoring on our webpage, you will know your final ranking as soon as the last player has entered his score. Simultaneously, the prize money you've won will also be displayed.

What happens if the tournament is cancelled?

  • If the tournament must be cancelled, the tournament will be played on the following Monday.


Concluding Statement

The Golf Tour Germany KG as organizer and promoter of the 1-day tournament reserves the right to cancel the tournament at any time. In this case, all players will be refunded 100% of the entry fee they paid.

We will answer your questions or suggestions in writing.